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19 January 2007

Malay 3gp from jingjangjoe again

Malay 3GP links...enjoy

[awek pasir mas cun][budak u mana la ni]

[baik punya cilok] [gangbang budak2 car wash]

[tudung putih tonggeng tepi motor krisss][skodeng mandi 3.0]

[malay girl power][latest dari ladang kelapa sawit 4.2MB]

[selamba je kat kawasan umum][pojek kat rumah kampung]
[main atas tilam air]

[awek bukak baju kat cyber cafe webcam][suzy yg berani]

[suhana][paling best for today]

anyway my malay 3GP link 4 today:

[awek aku][basah lenjun kena jilat]

[gangbang budak kg buloh][henjutan terbaik]

[melayu][posing bawah jambatan kedah]

[syoknyer][gadis singapore]

Is it Love or Pleasure

[awek BJ 6.0] [layan je hisap kelentit]

[sayang you tak best la][awek siam]

[melayu doggy style][anna cun nye][awek BJ 5.0]
[skodeng awek mandi dari bawah pintu][kat tempat perkelahan]

dari email rakan2[ gadis1][ gadis2]

Awek Bertudung kena Skodeng version 5.0

malay 3GP link-savefile-minimum speed 512kbps
sorry geng no thumbnails, needs 2 catch up w reality, deadline & other stuff.
jz enjoy, feel free to accept any comments, email me [jinjangjoe]

[gadis dari bandung]
[awek tudung kena skodeng 5.0]
[eika budak kuantan 4.0]
[eika budak kuantan 5.0]
[gadis baju biru]
[macam ni awek ni climate]
[abang i dah kangkang ni]
[laju lagi bang]
[pandai nye awek ni BJ]
[putihnye awek ni]
[rus dari kelantan]
[widya kat toilet]
[arab berkaraoke]

enjoy your link

[BJ good][budak u kat rumah sewa]

[budak dengkil BJ] [Eika Budak Kuantan BJ]

[cute][full pro girl]

[gentil 2.0][motel 2.0]

[pembantu tetangga][trio in arab country]

[ramas 2.0] [BJ good at songkhla]

Jz a thought
There are moments in life when u miss someone so much that u juz want 2 pick them from yr dreams & hug them 4 real!
When d door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at d closed door that we don't see d one which has been opened for us.
Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes u smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
Find d one that makes yr heart smile. Dream what u want 2 dream; go where u want 2 go; be what u want 2 be, because u have only one life and one chance to do all the things u want 2 do.

Obviously when u spent too much time w d same girl, it will effect your abnormality & principles, seems that I can't pluck out my brain, [seri liyana], that’s d name, there’s something about her, I've spent a good and memorable weekend, how about u guys?

Jz a thought
There are moments in life when u miss someone so much that u juz want 2 pick them from yr dreams & hug them 4 real!
When d door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at d closed door that we don't see d one which has been opened for us.
Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes u smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
Find d one that makes yr heart smile. Dream what u want 2 dream; go where u want 2 go; be what u want 2 be, because u have only one life and one chance to do all the things u want 2 do.

Obviously when u spent too much time w d same girl, it will effect your abnormality & principles, seems that I can't pluck out my brain, [seri liyana], that’s d name, there’s something about her, I've spent a good and memorable weekend, how about u guys?

Friday, July 13

latest awek melayu cum.. kat muka

to all "pencinta wanita"
malay 3gp link,

[produksi filem budak2 melayu] [latest awek cum.. kat muka]

mat saleh best, ni tapi big file, if yr connection 1MB, it will take 2 1/2hours to download. jz ensure yr server/firewall minimum security.
[link 1] [link 2] [link 3]

[anggun singer from indonesia nipples terkeluar]

[budak lagi ni..ish3] [latest from langkawi]
[pakai tudung version 4.0] [ayu nya gadis ni]
[jepun punya hal]

[malay gul w expatriate shouting like crazy]

yesterday, after work, I was on my home, d security guard(good guy) stop me, claim thats somebody is waiting @ my door step, so i took a glimpse,
to my surprise, it was her. i sat, think & finally i approached her. it was a tense moment for a while, as the mumbling goes, goes on & on till finally i managed to clear the air.
we reach a mutual understanding that life must go on & we stay as a friend. case closed.

what suprise me, after borak2 w seri, korek2 rahsia sikit. ade la geng-geng kat blog ni dah stab me from d back. siut je.
so guys never stab your friend/guy & member2 seangkatan for a girl. kita semua pencinta wanita, so concentrate to get a girl in an honourary manner. ok?
anyway i do not carry any heart feelings since "I look on details positively"-[dOn juaN de maRco]).

but off course its up 2 u guys 2 try, me & her just remain as friend je. dia pun suka dapat ramai kawan. so its a win2 situation for both of us.
suka glamor, ask me to teach her diz & dat la.
as from permission from her, her email 25/PJ/single.

so happy weekend.[enjoy yourself with the collections]

The link will load in 10 seconds -
if you don't wish to wait - click here!

dari indonesia sakit mas download
malay 3gp download
erm sedapnya download

Thursday, July 12

seri liyana

seri liyana

deeply I owe an apology to seri liyana

to all my friends
i'm not as bad as what our dear friend, seri liyana describe...
if anyone of u want 2 know her, go ahead, feel free to try.
no heart feelings. not ready for commitment. words can b deceiving & manupulated.
bless u girl. all d best. watever happened last weekend its history...

i shall be offline, so do enjoy d link..

[pakai tudung pun layan click to download]
[latest shila from bdr baru uda click to download]
[nakal la dia click to download]
[dari tempat tinggal saya click to download]
[henjut jgn x henjut click to download]
[awek seberang dlm keta click to download]
[awek cun BJ click to download]
[awek kena rogol lagi click to download]

jz a thought..cuba tengok gambar ni betul2, ape yg x kena?

Free image hosting at ImageThrust

anyway yesterday i hit a jackpot, i was chit chating during happy hour, mumbling w my few friends when those magic moments came through.. a fish got caught in the net.
& waa laaa..

from ramli rahman
[kl menjerit 2 click to download]
[budak RND click to download]

Wednesday, July 11

zaila malay girl

malay girl in period paint [click to download]
pakai tudung lagi [click to download]
latest malay girl from unisel [click to download]
latest upload kat filecargo.. download one by one yaa. [click to download]

Two women, only one who's getting it

G'day viewers, I don't always tell people what I do.
Not because I'm ashamed of it - quite the opposite. But there's a cosmic law that any time a nudity blog is discovered,people will start asking them questions. Even if it's not appropriate.

You see, was having a drink with a group of people recently. I'd said I've a blog with xplicit links. Right then, this woman starts telling me that she's got all these problems with her relationships; the men in her life keep staying distant and she's missing a genuine connection with someone.

I'd taken two breaths by then. She'd spoken so much that she'd needed to take 6 in that time and didn't look like stopping any time soon... but was wrought up about not making a connection with people.
In a short time I also found out that she'd read lots of books, been to lots of blog and spent time with lots of "gurus". She knew the words, she'd heard the lingo and could tell me what the latest fad was.
Which is why I didn't answer any of her questions.
Here's what I told her:
"Let's see if you get what I'm about to say. Think of a notebook.
It's one of the easiest things in the world. Just think of a notebook. Any notebook.
What's it made of?
What colour is it?
I asked her if she could see it in her mind's eye. She answered yes.
How does it feel?
I got her to describe it. Then told her that wasn't the notebook I was thinking of.
Totally different thing in my head compared to in her head... even though we'd used the same word, "notebook".
She looked at me and blinked. (She'd stopped talking long enough to listen.)
I said, "You can know everything that a guru knows but unless you DO, you'll understand NOTHING."
That's why I provide only links in my blog.
NOT a diary.


expatriate [click to download]
from mumbai [click to download]

indian mum [click to download]
prego [click to download]

zaila [click to download]

Monday, July 9

couple melayu selamba je kat tepi tangki air

koleksi arab la plak...
arab1 [click to download]
arab2 [click to download]
arab3 [click to download]
arab4 [click to download]
arab5 [click to download]
arab6 [click to download]
arab7 [click to download]

awek dari tapah [click to download]
couple melayu selamba je kat tepi tangki air [click to download]

nurul ni file besar 22MB tapi best giler [click to download]

koleksi terbaru kat filecargo [click to download]
bang lazatnya [click to download]
latest unisel [click to download]
latest awek w balak good movie [click to download]
Phan Ngo Chien [click to download]

what is url cash?? [click to download]

Monday, July 9

कोतोमी Shimada

Firefox 3 Alpha 6 has been released! I spent some time using it, and it “feels” quite a lot faster than Firefox 2. Good job, Mozilla! I tested Firefox Showcase and Speed Dial on it, with mixed results. The current Speed Dial version shows an error message when using the background browser, but after some hacking I managed to fix it, so the next release will be 100% compatible.

anyway some of latest 3GP link

[Paris Hilton wears police uniform, Watch it at download]

[kotomi shimada download]

[gadis kolej kosmopoint download]

[gadis tanjung bunga download]

[anis yang manis download]

[kerana cinta ayang berkorban download]

peribahasa melayu lama
BERSALAI TAK BERAPI = Orang perempuan yang belum bersuami tapi sudah hamil.


Apakah maksudnya? hehehe....

latest upload kat rapidshare... EnjoY..
[my asian collection 1 download]
[my asian collection 2 download]

Thursday, July 5

gadis bertudung atas motor

[Nora & Pasangannya (Movie 3gp) download]
[Oh! Cepatnya (Movie3gp) download]

latest koleksi melayu 3GP [download 1] [download 2] [download 3]
[download 4] Nora KB (Movie 3gp)[click to download]
remaja melayu terhebat[click to download]

Gadis Bertudung Main Atas Motor (Movie3gp)[click to download]

Pancut Tetek (Movie 3gp)[click to download]

Nabila 18-Tahun (Movie 3gp)[click to download]

Tunjuk Tetek Baik (Movie)[click to download]

remaja raba2 kat tangga [click to download]

isteru ku curang [click to download]

skandal khidmat negara [click to download]

good movie indian girl [click to download]

haha makcik sape la ni
latest gadis melayu [click to download]
ketat nya adik punya [click to download]
gadis layan sorang2 [click to download]
air x de, melekat la bang [click to download]
rape virgin girl on d road [click to download]
ella dari johor [click to download]
sayannng abang [click to download]
melayu best [click to download]
makcik lagi [click to download]

gadis 13 thn di rempit [click to download]
tudung hitam dlm kebun [click to download]
melayu baik punya service [click to download]
abang sayang aminah [click to download]
siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan [click to download]
tipah tertipu bang [click to download]

seperti kecoh dlm berita semlm..for geng2 semua

seperti kecoh dlm berita semlm..for geng2 semua
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at Badongo.comPhoto Sharing and File Hosting at
gempar TLDM officer & wife
latest awek kena rempit
janda umur 33 thn
artis sebelum terkenal
latest kecoh kat tv3
scandal VIP terbaru

nak kenal ngan red_diyana

terbaru minggu ni kat badongo
skodeng jiran latest baru dapat*

Wednesday, July 4

new & Latest PAris Hilton

Photo Sharing and File Hosting at Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

other 3GP melayu

enjoy .... geng2 semua...

Monday, July 2

Muka depan Harian Metro Ahad 1 July..... so ni link download

Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
[video 1 click here] [video 2 click here] [budak sekolah7 click here]

ni semua old link just upload back due to popular demand [lagi budak sekolah] [my 5 star collection]

Friday, June 29

awek dan balak selamba je kat taman

awek dan balak selamba je kat taman
parti ramai2 @ villa

air liur pun layan
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

from haziq link.. polimas
but ader yg korang dah ader...sbb aku nak cepat....

juz upload geng @ 12:18 today.... enjoy

for those who want 3GP player, diz is d link
real player linkPhoto Sharing and File Hosting at click here

[big here] [main dlm selimutclick here] [nona vitaclick here] [di ambang waticlick here]
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
[ritaclick here] [main di toilet sekolah (resend on popular demand)click here] [BJ d bestclick here] [budak sekolah7click here]
no blogging 4 2 days yaa.. so enjoy d link
[belia 4B click here] [guru sekolah dan muridnya click here] [latest skodeng click here] [lagi kes sekolah click here] [malaysia boleh click here] [bohsia power click here]

Thursday, June 28

terhangat di pasaran......[malay threesome]

awek kampung
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
malay threesome

malay GRO

tari bugil
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

Wednesday, June 27

tammy budak singapore

mastura kangar part2

Main di toilet sekolah..nasib tak baik kena tangkap dgn cikgu..mmg panas...belum keluar lagi dlm harian metro..klip nya hanya disini">click here for kl_b***l group from JefriDamienZain OR for full version click here for direct link

brunei boleh

tasik malaya

tammy budak singaporePhoto Sharing and File Hosting at Photo Sharing and File Hosting at click here

will be upload later
asian clip, awek kampung pun nak join, bdk sekolah 6, bdk sekolah 7, hanjin, yati gro melayu, tari bugil

Monday, June 25

dedicated to kl_b***l group

There was diz Singaporean who went on a tour to Bangkok. During his stay ther, he happened 2 meet his Thai business associate who invited him 2 his house. After being introduced 2 d family which included 3 daughters
,d Singaporean was asked 2 stay 4 dinner. It was a simple meal of vegetables & fish served with traditional white rice
. D Singaporean man took his leave & continued d remainder of his tour. Three months later, d man decided 2 divorce his wife of 10 years. His wife was shocked! After persistently asking for a reason, he disclosed that he was madly in love with his Thai associate's second daughter. He couldn't seem 2 stop thinking about her & d longing will only go away when he is with her. He insisted on the divorce and wants to marry the girl. The wife in her desperation decided to seek help from a "Si Fu" recommended by her relative. It is through him that dey discovered a shocking custom. In some parts of Thailand, when a girl first got her period, she is 2 rear a fish and feed it with d sanitary pads after using them. The fish is killed when she spots d man she wants 2 marry and d fish is cooked and served 2 diz man. The man will be so mesmerised by her and will love her till d day she dies. The wife upon knowing dis custom appealed 2 d "Si fu" 4 a solution. "Si Fu" says that only when d girl rejects d man in d face will he wake up from his trance. There is no other way out. D wife made a trip 2 Thailand 2 speak & plead with d family. They relented & d spell was lifted.
Moral of the story : Guyz out there, don't be taken in by a simple meal. There is more to it. They have similar customs in Indonesia too. But they use pubic hairsPhoto Sharing and File Hosting at instead.

from haziq zikry [">click here] [click here]
polimas power 3GP 12MB

my 3GP link [click here]

group king of porno [click here]

Check out this handheld footage of Ronaldinho when he first gets the gold Legend. Watch it at click here

from JefriDamienZain
>click here

Malay gul power
seks di sekolah
dusun durian
for the girls

For those who has faith to this blog, tq, my personal experience's..image hosted by www.badongo.com
and also
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at
other 3GP link
link to update upload filekargo click here
CCTV hotel click here
lagi school gul version 5 click here
waja 1/2 version click here
yazz click here
dlm keta waja full version click here
girl click here
kuala nerang click here

Thursday, June 21

thank you to those who had contibute their links..

thank you to those who had contibute their links..

dari haziq 3GP link...baik punye

dari andysia014...baik punye
from jinjangjoe
awek hp
awek tudung lagi lagi
sawit lagi
fancy f
faster lah

games yg ada unsur x-rated from jefri damien zain

Have you had enough of just sitting and waiting around or trying to hook up with someone the traditional way? Maybe your busy work life or taking care of the kids just leaves you drained and with no time. Then again, perhaps you are simply of the meat market scene and insincerity of people at clubs and bars?
Here are some hot singles who are horny like you now! It's fast, free and easy to sign up.
Click on the image below or if you can't see it, copy and paste the following link into your browser:
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

lagi 3GP

Kisah benar...
Ada murid ini nak isi borang kat sekolah. Semua dia boleh isi kecuali
ruangan 'Bangsa'.
Pasal dia nie berdarah kacukan. Lepas tu pikir dia... bapa dia orang
Mak dia pula orang Baii (Bengali ye). Maka, dengan sesegera mi segera
2-minit Maggi, dia pun tulis lah... ade gak cam ni
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

Wednesday, June 20

stress in kelapa sawit 3

Last weekend I was talking with one woman who was uncomfortable viewing my blog. She thought the problem was me and my x-rated stuffs until she saw that she was uncomfortable from the tension of her holding her "real" self back. She was scared to download those free stuff because she felt awakening a power inside her - a feeling she saw was dangerous... because it might shatter the illusion of how small and helpless she was acting in the society.

Everybody feels that trembling feeling of emotion. Some people pull away from it and give it an excuse called "fear". Other people, mighty people living their lives call it excitement and don't run from that fear - they USE it to power bold and confident actions.
You'll get that feeling. If you're human you'll get that feeling often. What are you going to do? Are you going to run from it and make an excuses. Or are you going to use that feeling to take a bold action forward and become the person that you feel deep inside?
Not acting is the same as choosing "no". Every moment you have a choice. Every moment, the moment is all you have. You either hold back or you go forward... onwards and upwards

stress in kelapa sawit 3
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

aksi lan

pelakon gol & gincu
file hosted by

Tuesday, June 19

3 days without blogging, sorry to all.

3 days without blogging, sorry to all.
Time management is important, u need time to catch up with the "deadline". It’s been said that a job without frustrations is not a job.
All workers will face occasional frustrations on the job, but it’s also true that most workers enjoy a good challenge and the satisfaction that comes with mastering a job. Challenging work motivates us to learn new skills and perform to our potential.
But what happens when job demands become excessive? When pressure builds and healthy challenge is replaced by frustration and exhaustion?
Stress takes over. It can become a daily threat to health and well-being. Stress increases the risk of illness, injury, and job burn-out and unlike other occupational hazards nearly the entire working population can be affected. Most studies show that one-fourth to one-third of today’s workers report high levels of stress at work.
The latest research tells us that job stress plays a major role in many chronic health problems, and the evidence is growing. Now more than ever, it’s time to learn what can be done to relieve a workforce under stress.

Anyway below are some of the 3GP link to balance your stress manner:-
lagi school gul

dari collection ANDYSIAO14:

3gp Collection
old timer/old school

seha bkt pasir
pair of twin powerpoint
who want KFC voucher?? download dizz..

jz update few minutes ago
REMEMBER, download one by one.....

pegang2 je
gadis arab
gul dalam semak
basah tu...
becak overdose
ivg 1min 59sec
air membuak2
pee 57sec
masuk la sayang 49sec

my hobbies... the malaysian drift

Thursday, June 14

malay school gul in uniform again ... and again...

just like to highlight...
pls download satu per satu, jgn gelojoh sangat ok.

dalam fitting room.. so xtra careful
budak sekolah2 in uniform lagi
full body massage
drink sperm power w jigger
show time
hot malay couple

Wednesday, June 13

No profit gain....its totally FREE

bonjour....mademoiselle, madam & monsieur
those who unable to download from dizz blog bcoz
1.surfing from gomen is perbihitted
2.from those corporate, SMI etc. get a fasterdwnload pls register yourself at badingo
scroll down, clik @ Create New Account & wa lah... u're online dude..
its totally FREE, no fees at all, and I do not, I repeat,
I do not gain any profit from
so below all pure MALAY girl 3GP
skodeng at fiesta
from pontian
d best of malay 2
kolej gul
chinese w malay
paris hilton latest
rumah sewa
Dr 3
Dr 2
Dr 1
Indian gul Lesbian
From kedah

koleksi 3GP dari king of pOrnO
Jefri Damien Zain

mama nakal
dark kartun version msia
from philipines
terkejut kena skodeng
layan projek dlm keta
layan dalam bas ekpress
gambar kongsi abang zip file
si rambut merah
3GP aiskrim
awek berlagu 3GP
awek tudung labuh 3GP
lepas main 3GP
liza hanim 3GP
gambar malay girl w foreigner zip

but do not woriii, ni ade la sikit bahan2 untuk anda semua.
student cari makan 6minit
awek cun giler
baik punya
dalam toilet lagi latest, best gak

gitu2 apek (artis, pelawak dan macam lagi) layan pipe pon
gOmbak Girl

Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

therapy for men
for those who always on leave, emergency leave and so on

Monday, June 4

tekanan perasaan(warning...boleh kecut perut)

tekanan perasaan(warning...boleh kecut perut)

melayu 3GP
budak sekolah 2min 46sec
ebby 2min 24sec
habis 3min 20sec
ranau girl

tumirah picture 1
tumirah picture 2
tumirah full movie

resend sayang 9min, haziq dowload dah ok
laki kena rogol daaa LAWAK antarabangsa

Friday, June 1

siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan....

sayang 6min 45sec
amoi 1min
sayang best 9min

mimi chong 3min 33sec
lesbian good act

saper2 nak syer tu ..... email

ganas betul

projek cam mat saleh
ganas betul
romen in public
hari yg berdarah

gambar aweks bertudung

rempit gadis tudung hitam
doggie malay
kat young 1
kat young 2

mila full movie pro

Tuesday, May 29

dari koleksi

dari member dan collection:-
makwe shahputra
yusmizal rakan kerja yang cun
zai oh zai
so sape2 yg nak tukar2 sila lah cari:-
nak lebih2, nak jumpa, nak berkenalan sila la email or YM

dari koleksi jinjangjoe
movie lebih dari 5min....


dbest full movie 4min 44sec

line clear

mastura kangar 6min 14sec

Monday, May 28


3gp minah dicabul oleh mat rempit yg heboh dlm harian metro pada 25 May 2007
sumbangan, thanks

3 GP malay girl nakal 1min 43sec

3 GP wawa 1min 49sec

lambat pick up 2min


malay penang 6min

Last added files - last 45

+ Ihsaa.nes + Ihsaa.nes + Resume
+ Rancangan tahunan kemahi... + Rancangan tahunan kemahi... + Nes_roms_bye_kakashi.rar
+ + Isap.3gp + Suhana.3gp
+ Suzy_ku.3gp + Kat_cyber_cafe_layan.avi +
+ Rancangan tahunan kemahi... + Rancangan tahunan kemahi... + Tudung_putih_bj_tonggeng...
+ Skodeng_mandi_3.0.3gp + Gangbang_budak2_carwash.3gp + Budak_u_mana_la_ni.3gp
+ Baik_punya_cilok.3gp + Awek_pasir_mas.3gp + Lagu perbarisan 7
+ Lagu perbarisan 6 + + March5.mp3
+ March4.mp3 + March3.mp3 + Lagu perbarisan 2
+ Lagu perbarisan 1 + 01_+_reunión_acuq_-_jefe... + Noroeste_mdb
+ تلو... + Seriously_u_useless_fuck... + Armada_patch_1_2.exe
+ [exdesi[1].com]_{www.exd... + [exdesi[1].com]_{www.exd... + [exdesi[1].com]_{www[1]....
+ Cheeni[1].kum.2007.dvdri... + Syoknyer.3gp + Posing_bawah_jambatan_ke...
+ Melayu.3gp + Henjutan_terbaik.3gp + Basah_lenjun_kena_jilat.3gp
+ Cascada_-_everytime_we_t... + House + Techno, house

(Special thanks to jinjangjoe)

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